department of chemistry and biochemistry

CHEM3343 : Biochemistry I


Dr. Eamonn F. Healy


  • CHEM3343 for course information and syllabus
  • Click here course materals, problem sets and exams for Fall 2022 semester
  • Virtual text for the hypertext supplement used in the Chem 3343 biochemistry curriculum
  • Links to some sites for protein structures, images and possible sites that might generate information relevant to your topic

    Exam#1: Fundamentals of Structure

    Exam#2: Structure and Function

    Quiz: Regulation

    Project: Understanding enzymatic catalysis

    • PubMed - access to the MEDLINE retrieval system biomedical literature
    • PDB - Protein Database
    • JSMol is a platform for visualing organic molecules.
    • Jena3Dis a platform for visualing biological macromolecules.
    • Cn3D Viewer
    • RasMol - VisualizationSoftware
  • KEGG Reaction Pathway Module is for use in project
  • Mechanism and Catalytic Site Atlas is for use in project
  • Click here for a link to the website for the Royal Sewdish Academy of Sciences , including Nobel Prize announcements .
  • Special Topics

    1. Covid-19: Presentation and Article on the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 protease inhibitor
    2. Protein Folding
    3. Tyrosine Kinases and Cancer
    4. HIV Drug Development