department of chemistry and biochemistry

CHEM3343 : Biochemistry I


Dr. Eamonn F. Healy


  • CHEM4343 for course information and syllabus
  • Click here course materals, problem sets and exams for Fall 2019 semester
  • Virtual text for the hypertext supplement used in the Chem 3343 biochemistry curriculum
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  • Sample Gradesheet
  • Links to some sites for protein structures, images and possible sites that might generate information relevant to your topic
  • Click here for a link to the website for the Royal Sewdish Academy of Sciences , including Nobel Prize announcements .
  • Click here for a listing of online journal, information, database and image sources .
  • ENTREZ is the life sciences search engine available from the national center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI)
  • Special Topics

    1. Tyrosine Kinases and Cancer
    2. HIV Drug Development
    3. Anti-Cancer Vaccines
    4. Protein Folding
    5. DNA-Protein Binding motifs
    6. Cisplatin
    7. Drug-Resistant Bacteria
    8. The Prion Hypothesis
    9. Drug Design