CHEM 4343

Projects Assignments for Fall 2011

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Src Family Kinases (SFK) Structure / Overview Ali Khorasani
Monday, Nov. 21 Fuction / Role Bethany Bennet
  Regulation / Control Jenna Rozacky
Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins Structure / Overview Sarah Madden
Monday, Nov 28 Fuction / Rolee Kaitlin Jameson
small Heat Shock Proteins (sHSP) Structure Megan Bailey
Monday, Nov. 28 Function Marshall Aldrich
Prions: genetic polymorphism and susceptibility Carlos Mendoza
Wednesday Nov. 30 disease transmission and species barrier Anne Busch
Post-translational Modification glycosylation Zach Theis
Wednesday , Nov. 30 tyrosine sulfonation Clarity Argall
Ribozymes: RNA Enzymes Structure / Overview Luke Henderson
Monday, Dec. 5 Function / Role Patrick Young
  Regulation / Control Kellie Servage
Human Heme Oxygenase Isoform Structure / Function Brittany Gillard
Wednesday, Dec. 7 Inhibitors and Therapeutics Goldie DaCosta
Locked Nucleic Acids (LNA) Structure & Function Laura Auchterionie
Wednesday, Dec 7 Application and Use Rachael Amador
Catechol o-methyl transferase Structure / Overview Hilary Vaughan
Friday, Dec. 9 Function / Role Sterling Scaggs
Ubiquitin Proteosome System (USP) Mechanism & Function Jacare Cardoza
Friday, Dec. 9 UPS & Parkinson's Disease Julia Bryarly