CHEM 4343

Projects Assignments for Fall 2010

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Copper Transporters Structure / Overview Veronica Lopez
Wednesday, Nov. 17 Function / Role Stefano Pineda
  Regulation / Control Jude Okolo
Synthetic (de novo) Proteins Synthesis Lisa Rougraff
Wednesday, Nov 17 Mechanism Pablo Romano
(Plasma) Membrane Transporters Nutrients Elora Sanchez
Friday, Nov. 19 Signalling Molecules Beverly Pappas

Aaleen Cox

Cell Penetrating Peptides Structure / Overview Catherine Turner
Friday, Nov. 19 Function / Mechanism Qinlin Chen
Sulfated Glycoconjugates Structure / Overview Daniela Baranczik
Monday , Nov. 21 Function / Role Alex Murphy
  Regulation / Control Elliot Martinez
Metallo-b-Lactamases Structure Ian Desmond
Monday, Nov. 21 Mechanism of Resistance Jasmin Dipasupil
Matrix Matallo Proteinases (MMP) Structure / Overview Andressa Obice
Monday, Nov. 29 Fuction / Role Chelsea Mahoney
  Therapeutics Tony Voong
Ribozymes Structure/Overview Alex Pitts
Monday, Nov. 29 Function/Role Pamela Osborn
Bioluminescent reporters gene expression Andrew Costello
Wednesday, Dec. 1 post-transcriptional modification Patrick Suess
  protein-protein interactions Chris Garza
P-type ATPases Structure / Overview Ana Henriques
Wednesday, Dec. 1 Function / Role Ekene Okolo
Mammalian Circadian Clock Proteins Structure/Function Tiffany La
Friday, Dec. 3 Regulation/Modification Clifford Aultman