CHEM 4343

The above image is represents the catalytic core domain of Integrase. It is esponsible for the catalystic action of the enzyme and consists of a central 5 stranded Beta- sheet with six surrounding helices-3 highly conserved acidic residues (D64- Asp, D116-Asp, E152- Glu)

The Immune System, AIDS and HIV

  • HIV-1 Integrase Research at SEU
  • AIDS statistics - global
  • The life cycle of the the virusand the strategy of HIV drug design.
  • The details of complex formation for cell attachment, fusion and entry.
  • Current Research:
    1. HIV Summary of Therapeutic Research Advances from NIAID
    2. HIV Summary of Research Advances for Antiviral and Immune Based Therapies
    3. A pdf file summarizing the advances in HIV Vaccine development.