Table of Contents

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Part I - The Realm of Biochemistry

  • Chapter 1 The Scope of Biochemistry
  • Chapter 2 The Matrix of Life: Weak Interactions in an Aqueous Environment
  • Chapter 3 The Energetics of Life

  • Part II - Molecular Architecture of Living Matter

  • Chapter 4 Nucleic Acids
  • Chapter 5 Introduction to Proteins: The Primary Level of Protein Structure
  • Chapter 6 The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins
  • Chapter 7 Protein Function and Evolution
  • Chapter 9 Carbohydrates
  • Chapter 10 Lipids, Membranes and Cellular Transport

  • Part III - Dynamics of Life: Catalysis and Control of Biochemical Reactions

  • Chapter 11 Enzymes : Biological Catalysts
  • Chapter 12 Introduction to Metabolism

  • Part IV - Dynamics of Life: Energy, Biosynthesis, and Utilization of Precursors

  • Chapter 13 Carbohydrate Metabolism I: Anaerobic Processes in Generating Metabolic Energy
  • Chapter 14 Oxidative Processes: Citric Acid Cycle and Pentose Phosphate Pathway
  • Chapter 15 Biological Oxidations, Electron Transport, and Oxidative Phosphorylation.

  • Problems

  • Selected Problems

  • List of Resources

  • List of Resources A list of all the images, movies and PDB coordinate files used in this hypertext.