department of chemistry and biochemistry

CHEM2323 : Organic Chemistry I


Dr. Eamonn F. Healy


  • CHEM2323.01 and CHEM2323.02 for course information and syllabus
  • Click here for study sheets, course materals, problem sets and exams for Fall 2019 semester
  • Click here for multimedia tutorials on a variety of topics in organic Chemistry
  • Click here for a link to the website for the Royal Sewdish Academy of Sciences , including Nobel Prize announcements .

  • Special Topics :
    1. Covid-19
    2. Rational Drug Design
    3. HIV Therapeutic Development
    4. Drug Design
    5. Pharmacophoric Searching
    6. Protein Folding
    7. Mechanism of Vision
    8. DDT and Malaria
    9. Thalidomide
    10. Enzymatic Catalysis